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    A few time ago, taking an adventurous journey, Matthew D’Agati delved into the realm of solar, to in a time period began efficiently selling megawatts of power, primarily at the business sector, collaborating with developers of solar farms and local businesses in the “planning” of specific undertakings.

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  6. Navigating a Social Security Disability application process can be an intimidating task for some. The method could be detailed and lengthy, and also the odds of getting refused are high. That is where a social security disability legal practitioner is available in. A legal professional makes it possible to navigate the program process, boost your likelihood of becoming authorized, plus appeal a denied claim. In this article, we are going to explain five subjects linked to the position of a social security disability lawyer.

    Navigating the Social Security Disability application procedure with the help of a lawyer
    The social security disability application processes could be puzzling furthermore stressful. Legal counsel will allow you to comprehend the requirements and make suggestions through the procedure. They are able to also assist you to gather the required health-related evidence and paperwork to guide your demand. They are able to further help out with arranging anyone for the hearing, if required.

    The significance of specialized facts in a Social Security Disability case
    Medical evidence is a must in a social security disability claim. It really is used to show that you currently have a medical condition that stops you against performing. A lawyer can help you accumulate the mandatory medical evidence and introduce it in a fashion that is probably to be authorized because of the social security administration. They are able to also allow you to obtain medical records as well as other papers that assist your claim.

    Prevalent misunderstandings more than Social Security Disability and exactly how a lawyer often helps
    There are lots of myths more than social security disability. For instance, lots of people think that only those people who are permanently disabled are eligible for benefits. However, this isn’t true. Legal counsel will allow you to comprehend the eligibility requirements and dispel any misconceptions you have. They are able to also provide help with how exactly to present your case when you look at the most favorable light.

    The appeals strategy for waived Social Security Disability claims and exactly how an attorney can assist
    If for example the claim is denied, you’ve got the directly to appeal. Legal counsel will allow you to comprehend the appeals procedure and portray you throughout the hearing. They are able to also allow you to gather additional evidence and establish a stronger case to boost your odds of triumph.

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  13. Unraveling the Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Insights from PLO Lumumba


    The Russia-Ukraine conflict, ongoing since February 2022, has captured global attention and raised complex questions about the geopolitical dynamics at play. Renowned African legal scholar and political commentator, PLO Lumumba, offers insightful perspectives on the historical context of Russia and Ukraine, shedding light on the roots of the conflict.

    Exploring the Historical Background:

    In his latest episode of LUMUMBA Explains, PLO Lumumba delves into the deep-rooted history of Russia and Ukraine, emphasizing the importance of historical understanding in deciphering the current crisis. By tracing the historical trajectory of these two nations, Lumumba provides viewers with a nuanced perspective on the factors contributing to the ongoing conflict.

    USA’s Involvement and Proxy Warfare:

    One of Lumumba’s focal points is the significant role played by the United States in the conflict. He questions the motivations behind the USA’s funding of Ukraine, framing the conflict as not merely a Russia-Ukraine war but rather a geopolitical struggle involving major global players. Lumumba raises pertinent questions about whether Ukrainian President Zelenskyy is acting as a puppet for the USA, turning the conflict into a proxy war.

    Geopolitical Dynamics: NATO and Russia’s Expansion:

    Lumumba further explores the involvement of NATO and the United States in the conflict, posing the crucial query of whether Ukraine’s fight is a means for the USA to exert influence and gain strategic advantages. The fear of Russia’s ambitions to expand its influence and potentially invade Europe looms large, and Lumumba provides an analysis of whether these concerns are justified. Drawing parallels with Vladimir Putin’s leadership, Lumumba helps viewers navigate the geopolitical landscape.


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